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Message par Galanthil le Mar 7 Oct - 8:35

Je copie juste salement le post très bien fait de Trajan, sur le forum francophone, merci à lui Smile


{  Maison :lannister: }

Pyromancer's cache War of the five kings

Castellan of the rock Battle of ruby ford

Pentoshi Manor A harsh mistress

{  Maison  :stark:   }

Fury of the wolf Ancient ennemy

Meera Reed A tale of champions

{  Maison   :greyjoy:   }

Fury of the Kraken Ancient ennemy

Asha Greyjoy Where loyauty lies

Longship Maiden's Bane Kingsroad

Naval Escort Defenders of the North

{  Maison    :baratheon:    }

Red Queen's Faithful Beyond the Narrow Sea

{  Maison     :targaryen:    }

Fury of the dragon Ancient ennemy

The hatchlings' Feast Defenders of the north

Long lances The house of black and white

Street Waif Time of Trials

{  Maison  :martell:   }

Venomous blade The Battle of Blackwater Bay

Burning of the sun Retourn of the others

The viper's bannermen Princes of the sun

A game of Cyvasse A time of ravens

Orphan of the Greenblood Prince of the sun

The Prince's Plan Secrets of Oldtown

Errata : Retiré du jeu après utilisation.

Arianne Martell  :shadow: Kingsroad

Bloodthirst   Kingsroad

{  Neutre  :str:   }

Fear of the winter Beyond the wall

Negociations at the Great Sept The Pirates of Lys

Val Return of the others

Vale refugee A time of ravens

Narrow escape King of the storm

The maester's path Gates of the citadel

Search and detain Here to serve

Threat from the east Queen of the dragons

The conclave Called by the conclave

Tin link Called by the conclave

Westeros Bleed Core Set

The Red Keep King's Landing

Bungled Orders Brotherhood without Banner

Manning the City Walls Beyond the Narrow Sea

Desperate Mesures Song of the Sea

Blessed by the Maiden Song of the Sea

Crossing the Mummer's Ford Conquest and Defiance

The Art of Seduction Lion of the Rock

Preston Greenfield  :shadow: Kingsroad


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